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Watery Marshes, 30 x 40 inches, Oil on canvas.
From the 2018 Exhibition at Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery.

Daring to be brutal and 

to be transported by our work

By Louis Benech, landscape designer


What I like about Jan Dilenschneider’s paintings is the power of her lines and the support of the material. They portray the contradiction between nature’s true fragility and our unswerving tendency to believe that it is eternal – in all our conscious unconsciousness. The splendor of the landscapes, and the leaves and flowers that inhabit them, is indicative of their ephemeral, fragile nature. One must produce an almighty roar – which we tend to forget – to make a plea before the smoke issuing from the ruins dies down forever. I personally do not appreciate softness – like Jan Dilenschneider we must dare to be brutal and to be transported by our work when creating.

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